Reducing distances between represented companies and
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With more than 15 years of experience in the Argentine and regional market of components for the industry of hot water, we quickly detect the needs and bring together the companies that best know how to satisfy them. Each product has the certification of international agencies of first level, the guarantee of the manufacturers and the essential commitment of each of the parts with the full satisfaction of the consumer.
To always ensure the best result, we offer the services of promotion, external advice, monitoring of shipments, assistance to companies represented in their relations with Spanish-speaking clients during international fairs of multilingual competition and integral attention of stands in specialized fairs in Latin American countries.

Promotion and external advice

Monitoring of shipments and payment assistance.

Integral attention of stands in specialized fairs in Latin American countries.



Cotherm SAS is a French company with more than 70 years in the market, leader and innovator in temperature and energy management solutions for electric storage water heating in over 60 countries worldwide. 

They provide innovative solutions for safety, comfort and energy saving to the manufacturers and users of electric appliances for air and water heating. They offer the most innovative solutions in terms of efficiency in energy saving and IoT.

In Grenoble, France, Cotherm has one of the best equipped laboratories in the world to test the efficiency of its own products and, also, to investigate and improve the finished products of its customers. It offers its facilities and know-how free of charge in order to achieve, on all occasions, the best possible result.

In our region, Cotherm has been a supplier to companies such as Talsar and Rheem in Argentina, as well as James in Uruguay, for more than 15 years.

Portage Electric Products Inc.

Based in North Canton, Ohio, USA, Portage Electric Products, Inc. (PEPI) develops and manufactures thermal controllers. PEPI was founded in 1963. Its excellence is based on a high level of engineering and innovation, as well as space saving, being miniaturization the most important focus in the development of its products. Pepi´s thermal control products are mainly used in small motors, household appliances, battery packs and similar applications. They are also installed as safety thermostats in hot water storage equipment. Frequently, the products are customized to meet special needs of their customers.

All of their controls use specially selected bimetallic elements that react at increases in temperature and/or current to open or close the electrical circuit.

Today, PEPI has business operations in eight countries: the United States, Mexico, Argentina, the Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan and China. Its components meet the specifications of the appropriate national organizations to ensure strict standards of quality and reliability.


Magontec has been at the forefront of the development of magnesium alloy for more than five decades.

Founded in 1953 in Essen, Germany, it has a long history of research and development and is beneficiary of the research programs carried out by Norsk Hydro and Australian Magnesium Corporation, its predecessor companies, over the past 30 years.

They are world-leading manufacturers of magnesium anodes and electronics for protection against cathodic corrosion. Magontec controls the whole production processes from obtaining the raw material to casting or extrusion.

The quality of the alloy makes a fundamental difference; Magontec has manufactured millions of HyTonic® anodes for many decades, producing a safe product that also protects the health of the water storage heaters produced by customers. The range of Magontec cathodic corrosion protection products consists of: HyTonic® anodes, Correx® Impressed Current Systems, CorroScout® measuring systems, S-Patron® intelligent measurement and control systems The industry of magnesium worldwide has traditionally offered a product with a very high CO2 factor incorporated. The new Magontec foundry at Golmud in Qinghai Province is the cleanest magnesium alloy production unit in the world.

Cebi Group

Since 1976, Cebi Group (initially called Elth S.A.) manufactures electromechanical products for household appliance and automotive industry.

They are European leaders in the temperature sensor markets and supply their products to a high percentage of houshold appliance manufacturers in the world. Three completely different families of products have been developed for a market in which Cebi has been active since its early years: fan motors, temperature switches for houshold appliances and temperature sensors for household appliances.

A wide range of temperature sensors is found in their portfolio, as they adapt their components according to the needs of the customers.


Italora Srl, founded in 1937, is dedicated to the production and marketing of high precision products, exporting them all over the world Italora Srl has a wide range of timers and switches with predefined and / or programmable functions and customizable according to use. There are available: • Analogue programming timer. • Small timers: with small size, interchangeable and slight load torque. • Safe gas timers: preventive safety, free timer under control, no blocking. • Switch and programmer timers: where there is an electric motor, a pump, a resistance. FOR KITCHEN Automatic gas shutoff with touch timer and child lock. The electronic touch timer, in addition to the timing and gas shut-off function, ensures that the appliance cannot be accidentally turned on. Quality approvals: Since December 17, 1992, Italora holds, related to the production of timers, the Quality System Certificate for the ISO 9001 standard, issued by CSQ - Italian member of IQNET.


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